Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Caleb is now five days days old and yesterday Nicole and I made our first attempt to bathe him. I am sure he was bathed several times while he was in the hospital but this wa an experience for us. As you probably can see by the picture he was not terribly excited to have this interaction with us... but good news.. he survived and I only ended up with a slightly bruised stomach from his flying feet.

We took him to the Dr. for the first time yesterday just for some general checkup type stuff... he passed with flying colors and also found out first hand that giving blood is not a fun thing to do.

Nicole is recovering super... she is a real trooper and is quickly taking on her role as mom in an amazing way. It is a real joy to see her interact with Caleb.

Nicole's mom has been with us since Monday evening and this has been a tremendous blessing to us all. She has cooked, cleaned and served the three of us with great enthusiasm. We are very thankful to have her here helping us make this transition.

Thank you all for your calls and emails... we love hearing that our friends are praying for us.. there is nothing more powerful that you can do. For those of you we haven't spoken with yet please know you are on our hearts and we hope to speak with you as soon as time permits. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Well another day is coming to a close...what a blessing it is to have family and friends. We have spent the day having you guys ohh and ahh over our latest family addition and simply demonstrate your love fo our family by your presence. Nicole and I truly thank you for your time, gifts, thoughts and prayers. We are so thankful for the Lords provision and blessings, thank you all for being a part of this event.

Right now the plan is for us to go home tomorrow. I suppose that decision will be up to the Doctors, but at this point everything is looking good. Nicole is up and about, Caleb is doing all the things that a baby should do.. eat, poop and cry (not necessarily in that order), and my desire to see my own bed is high too... all of these things add up to a very good possibility at least that we will go home tomorrow. We will keep our fingers crossed.

Proud grandfather. This is Austin's dad.

A bit out of order but this is a good picture of Nicole's dad and cousin Allison.

Here are the proud parents right after Caleb was born.

Camo Caleb.... Nick has him ready to bust some ducks.

Here is Ma. This is Nicole's grandmother and Caleb does not even realize the blessing that Ma will be in his life. Ma is a servant to everyone she is around and if Caleb can get even a portion of her heart he is off to a good start.

KG gets some quality time with Caleb.

This is Grandma (Austin's Grandmother). She was tickled with the arrival of the first Gregory grandchild.

This is Pa (Austin's Granfather). He is holding his first great grandchild.

Dr. Cain-Swope did a wonderful job. Her experience and judgement were a blessing in our lives.

Check out the toes on this guy...

Mimi - Nicole's mom and Caleb's Grandmother. What a great blessing to have Godly grandparents in the lives of our child.

Uncle Chase and dad. What a blessing to have good family around!

Uncle Hunter enjoys some holding time.

Mom getting some early kisses on the newborn Caleb.

Here he was getting footprints and it looks like he sort of got a "kick" out of it.
Hey guys... this site was thrown together just to get a some pictures of our new bundle of joy online. Caleb Austin was born March 17 at 7:10 pm. He was 7lbs 12 oz and 21.25" long. Mom and baby are doing fine... we are blessed to have a healthy baby and healthy mom. Check back often for more pics and info.