Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Caleb Update...

It has been a while now since I have posted to update you on Caleb's progress. It seems like he is growing in every way almost every day. He is jabbering all over the place and frequently has pretend conversations on the phone. He is trying very hard to mimic so much of what we do... which in itself can be a scary thought. He it truly a joy for Nicole and I to watch.

As for his health he is strong as an ox as far as we can tell. He apears to be developing on a normal pace in every way we can see. The tumor appears, as far as we can tell, to not be causing any trouble with his vision, balance or any other possible negative influence.

On May the 31st (Thursday) we will be taking him back to Vanderbilt for his third MRI. This process is not an enjoyable one of course because he has to be sedated and it is just hard to watch. We are confident that he is in teh best of care, but it is still a tough process. The MRI will be given on Thursay and then the following Wednesday we will meet with his doctor to review the findings.

We continue to pray and are hopeful that God will work on his behalf and heal him of this tumor. We are confident that God can and does act in this way, when He wills such. We thank you all for your diligence in prayer to this end. I cannot properly express how thankful we are to hear from so many of you the frequency with which you bring Caleb to God in prayer. This is the greatest expression of your concern you can possibly demonstrate and we are grateful for you all.

For those of you interested in checking out the latest pics click here to see the gallery.

Thank you all again.

Austin & Nicole