Wednesday, September 02, 2009

MRI Results

Today we went to visit with Caleb's doctor and hear the findings from last week's MRI. We met them with eager hearts hoping, as many of you, to hear great news and we are thankful to report the findings are mostly great! The size of the tumor hasn't changed yet again (it never has really), and there are no indications of additional areas of concern in his brain. This is all very good news to our ears for sure.

You may recall from our last MRI (a year ago) that the "color" of the tumor had darkened, indicating less contrast and hence blood flow. A year ago there was only a small spot where contrast could be seen on the tumor. This finding gave us hope that perhaps this thing was winding down. The findings today were not really much different with the very small exception that the "Spot" of color was ever so slightly larger. The doctors say this change in size could well be a "technical" change where we are simply seeing a different view of the tumor or perhaps a slight change in the angle of his head during the scan. Nevertheless he is interested in following up with Caleb in 6 months with another MRI to double check that this isn't a sign of a changing tumor.

I suppose here you can see the contention between our joy that we have a healthy son who is not being advised for radical treatment and this possible finding that there is a change in his tumor brewing. If I am being completely honest both Nicole and I left feeling a joyful burden - if that is even possible. I think where we have landed is this... we can only choose to trust in God and place our faith that He is at work both in Caleb's life and in those around him, including us.

Today we got good news - that news is that in the time this was found (Caleb was 9mo) there has been no change in the size of the tumor, and the tumor which was once lit up with contrast now has a small portion of it showing that contrast. We are grateful and happy to know that we are not the ones calling the shots here and that God has heard the prayers of so many of you who are lifting him up often. Nicole and I sincerely thank you from the bottom of your hearts for your love and concern for our family. You are a wonderful blessing to us.