Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's been awhile!

It's been too long since I last posted which was about my dear friend Misty's death. There is not a day that goes by that my heart doesn't break for her family and that I wish I could see her again. I dream about her often. I dream lots of times that I know she is about to leave me, and so I hold on to her really tight. Misty is buried along the route to my parents' house. Every time I pass her I cry. I just can't seem to wrap my mind around the fact that she's over there in the ground under the snow-her body I mean- the body that I know- the girl that I grew up with- I know her nail beds, her laughter, the way she tied her tennis shoes, the way she pulled her hair out of her eyes...I just can't imagine the pain and loss her family faces every day because I hurt so deeply-deeper than I've ever hurt before- and I'm just a friend....
In the midst of this we have shared some wonderful moments over the last couple of months that I'd like to share. In this picture above we were getting ready to board a plane for California (Jan.31st) !!! Yes! I got a break and was able to join Austin on a work trip to San Diego!! Mom and Dad kept the kids- our first time to leave Annelise!! It was hard, but she did great!! That was an answered prayer.

We stayed at the historic Hotel Del Coronado!! It was beautiful!!! I got a chance to read and relax!! It was truly a gift!

After San Diego, I flew home; however, Austin flew to Denver and skied with some friends! He had the time of his life!! Austin grew up skiing with his family, and so this was a big treat to go back to the slopes. He actually snowboarded instead of skied. He said he had forgotten how much he enjoyed it. He also said he was reminded out there in the beautiful mountains of how big God truly is!

Here are Matt and Matt out on the slopes. Austin said they were both great skiers!
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Here are Austin and Caleb sledding down a hill a few weeks ago when the snow and ice hit Tennessee. Caleb had a blast!!

Here are the two of them about to go out into the snow for the 1st time - it was Annelise's 1st snow!! She liked it!! I can't believe she's 8 months now - sitting up, eating solids, saying "BaBaBa" all the time, and wanting to go everywhere!!! She's not crawling yet, but when you hold her she is the biggest wiggle worm- wanting to go and see and look and taste!! I'm loving her tons right now.
Here are Vada, Caleb, and Austin getting ready to sled down a hill at Austin's house. They had fun together!
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I know it's February, but I still wanted to blog about Christmas since I haven't! It was a range of emotions as we dealt with the loss of Misty. I had trouble celebrating as my heart and physical body were truly the saddest I think I've ever been. However, I felt in the deepest way the most thankful for our Savior's birth than ever before, for because of Him there is true hope and abundant life. It was really fun to enjoy Christmas with Annelise this year as it was her very 1st!! She was a doll!! She started sitting up in December which made Christmas all the more fun. She loved the shiny bows and brightly colored wrapping paper best!!

Here we are at our house Christmas Eve.

We made Christmas cookies!
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Christmas at Ma's!! I love walking in Ma's house for Christmas! The air smells of bacon, country ham, biscuits and gravy mixed with the smell of coffee & Tang! It's heavenly! We enjoyed seeing my Aunt and Uncle and our cousins and their husbands. It always feels like home- a safe comfortable place where laughter and good food are the main ingredients.

Here is Annelise chewing on another gift!
And here is Hunter doing the same!
Caleb got a cowboy outfit from Ma.
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Allison and Joanna, my cousins, loved on Annelise like their own- I love them dearly and treasure the years we shared growing up.

Annelise is named after Ma, so we gave her a picture of Annelise with a description of why we named our daughter after her.
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Here we are for Christmas with Austin's mom. I think this is such a sweet picture! We enjoyed a fabulous meal with my favorite favorite pecan pie!! Kathy makes a pecan pie that is to die for! It's a family recipe that I've got to get!!

Caleb got his long-awaited Batman castle!!!
Kathy invited a friend this year for Christmas- his name is Jim! We really liked him!

And this is a picture of Kathy and her sister Janie with Annelise. They (along with the help of their dear friend, Debbie) worked for hours upon hours on Annelise's stocking!! They made stockings for their children and have pasted on the tradition to ours. It is truly a keepsake made with love! Thank you so much- we will cherish it!!
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Here we are for Christmas with my parents! It always feels wonderful to go home to my house for Christmas. Even though we didn't get as much time with my brothers this year, it was still good to exchange gifts and celebrate. We enjoyed a delicious meal with them as well.

Caleb got all kinds of dress up clothes to pretend in this year! He got some fun play guns too!

My brothers and Leslie watch Caleb open some super heroes. It makes me happy that they love and treasure our kids so much.
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And here we are celebrating Christmas with Austin's father. We stayed at our house and ate some yummy finger foods.

We gave Caleb a new "big boy" bike this year!! He got out with Daddy and Chase and practiced! He did great!!!!

Caleb got some pretty awesome Nerf guns for Christmas- so awesome that Daddy and Chase played with them most of the time! After opening presents, Caleb pretended to be a bear while Chase and Daddy hunted him!! They had a blast using couch cushions as barriers!! It was fun to see them playing so hard together.
Christmas was full of family this year, and I am so very thankful God has blessed us with so much family so close by.
Austin stuck this to Annelise's head!! I thought it was pretty mean! ;)

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