Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Here's our trick or treating crew this year! Love um!

Annelise poses with Samuel and Stella- the two kids she talks about most and prays for! We are delighted that our dear friends are finally home from Russia with Samuel. They have been obedient to the calling of adoption on their lives and have literally saved this precious soul and given him a new life (sounds a bit like our story as Christians!)

being silly is what childhood is all about!

We trick-or-treated KG, of course!
Austin's 33rd birthday! Wow! We've shared every one since he turned 18, and I pray for many, many more. I love you!

We enjoyed some chili and hot dogs at KG's house with family. Dewey is always a favorite to run to.

Aunt Janie and KG

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Annelise enjoyed playing with her baby doll with Debbie and Steve.
Here we are on Sunday, Nov. 6th worshiping on our new land for our church!! We are so excited!! We've journeyed with Monty and Kimberly for 11 years, and we are thrilled to be standing on the land where our church will be in the near future. Thank you Lord!

taking some dirt home from the land

And here Austin and I are in Disney World!!! Yay!! We haven't been since we were kids!! Austin had a business trip in Orlando and I was able to join him for a long weekend. Our dear friends, Grant and Liz, were with us which made it all the more fun!! Grant works with Austin---and we were both kid-less!! so, it gave us the opportunity to be kids ourselves- running around with mouse ears on for 2 days- feeling so light and free! I haven't laughed so much in a long time.

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At Disney it's Christmas already! We enjoyed an amazing, magical Christmas parade. That was one of my very favorite things we saw. And, FYI, they do have castle throws at Disney!! ;)
isn't this picture awesome!! Wow! I can't wait to bring the kids!

Epcot! We enjoyed a full day at Epcot.

Here we are in Japan! Three Japanese ladies did an amazing performance on these huge drums. It was really neat to watch.

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And are the guys in Mexico! There was never a dull moment! I will cherish these memories for a lifetime!
For a Thanksgiving art project we had over Austin and Emily to make vests and head dresses. We enjoyed Sarah Beth and Annelise joining in on the fun too! Home-school has really gone well the past several months. It has been so rewarding to work with Caleb at home-- and since we are getting more sleep at night, due to Annelise's cough being resolved, we are all feeling much better. Surviving is always so hard, and we are thankful for the rest we all have been getting.

And last but not least, we just spent the most wonderful weekend with our dear friends, Kevin and Virginia! We haven't seen them in over a year! We had some late-night girl time/guy time, breakfast at Cracker Barrel, and campfire smores with all of our kids. It was a special time. Thanks for making the trek here, friends! We love you tons!

The guys enjoyed a night of climbing- they all seemed very sore the next day!

Here is a picture of Annelise and Jack (they are 4 months apart). We laughed so much at all the silly things Jack said over the weekend- he is precious! and so is his little brother, Bennett, who I just met for the 1st time.
Thank you all, again, for your prayers and words of encouragement. We have truly felt them! Our next appointments won't be until mid, in the meantime- Merry Christmas! We love you!