Monday, December 01, 2008

Family Update

Well it's been too long since we last posted, but before we share the highlights of the past few months, we want you to know that Austin and I are expecting a new baby!! Yea!! We are very excited!! I will be 12 weeks on Wednesday, and I'm due around June 11th. Unfortunately, I was sick as a dog for the first 4 weeks, but I am getting stronger and stronger as each day passes and feeling more like myself. It hasn't been easy, but Austin has done a beautiful job doing just about everything from fixing breakfast, washing dishes, laundry, and taking care of Caleb when he's been home. I have been impressed!

You might be wondering about our adoption plans…we are still in the process of adopting, and even though we haven’t tackled the paper work in several weeks, we are still really excited about moving forward on that process. We decided as we got a little deeper in the adoption paperwork that the reality of a child coming into our arms was probably going to take longer than we had hoped.- about 2 years. So, we prayed about it, and decided to try for another baby in the midst of adoption. It could very well mean they will put our file on hold, but we are at peace with that. We feel good about starting the adoption and will continue that process until we bring home a little girl- no matter how long it takes.

As for this fall, it's been a whirlwind- a little too much on our plate especially since I've been so sick, but the Lord has given me strength at just the right moments and has used friends around me to serve me in some amazing ways. Karen and Mandi have truly been Christ's hands and feet to me as they have cleaned my house and even taken Caleb for the day. They are precious friends that are gifts from God! I love you!

We've celebrated two weddings this fall: 1) my dear friend, Meghan's brother's wedding- it was fun getting to see Meghan again since she lives in London, and we got to meet her boyfriend for the first time, Chris- who we just love (his accent is fabulous by the way!!) 2) my cousin Joanna's wedding which was a big family event. It was beautiful! We had a blast! We also enjoyed our annual Tenpenny family weekend trip. We stayed at my grandfather's farm house in Dunlap, TN, played cards, fished in the pond, and ate yummy food! We also visited our Aunt Ruth and drove to Chattanooga for a tour of the aquarium. Caleb loved it, and I am always truly amazed at God's creative creation. I was reminded of the vastness of His power, His purpose, His attention to detail, and His Holiness. He is truly an amazing God who alone is worthy of our praise!

I can't believe it, but I had my 10 year High school reunion this fall as well!! I feel old! It was a wonderful weekend though. It was great to see so many people I haven't kept up with. We went to a high school football game, had a picnic lunch on the lawn of Lipscomb, and met up for dinner at the Wild Horse Salon on Saturday night. It was a great!

We also had our annual trip to the Pumpkin Farm and chili cookout at our house this past October. I actually wasn't able to join the gang for the Pumpkin Farm due to another commitment, but the pictures were precious! We had fun that night eating chili and roasting smores with some of our closest friends and their kids. It's a memorable event.

Halloween was even more fun this year as Caleb is becoming aware of how trick-or-treating works with the costumes and candy fun. He was is hog heaven sucking on a lolly pop while going from door to door. We enjoyed my parents and Austin's mom joining us for dinner that night before we left the house and met up with our friends. Caleb was Pongo the dalmatian from the movie One Hundred and One Dalmatians. He was adorable!

In November we celebrated Austin's 30th birthday! Crazy!! I threw him an 80's party! Austin dressed as Maverick- his favorite 80's movie character from TOP GUN. I dressed in full 80's attire wearing a New Kids On the Block t-shirt. It was truly a blast seeing everyone's costumes. My favorite were my parents dressed as Dolly Parton and Conway Twitty!!! ;)
And, lastly I just had my dear friend, Virginia, in town from California. Several of us in the 'boro threw her a shower since she is having a precious baby boy in February!! It was a wonderful weekend, and I will cherish our time together.

If you want, check out our web albums to see all the fun pictures of these events. We'll keep you posted on how the new baby is growing! Love to you all!