Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hello There

Well I didn't get to the post last night.. sorry about that. As you can tell from my previous post the news is good! The doctor states there is no change in his tumor... it is holding steady. This is of course a relief for us. He told us that the longer Caleb can go with no change the better the chances are that it will remain like this over the course of his life and that he will not have complications from it. He said that Caleb's condition is good and that he is pleased with where Caleb is. He also said that the Radiologist that reviewed the scan still saw the other small areas in Caleb's brain but commented that there was no change in them and qualified them as "insignificant."

All of this was music to our ears and we were delighted to hear that his next MRI will be on a 6 month schedule as opposed to the last few which were every three months. He told us that the symptoms we are to look for are basically all visual. If he does have complications the first place they will show up will be in his vision. So far, as best we can tell, he does not have any visual impairment.. at least we know he can spot a "tacker" (aka cracker) a mile away and a grain of wiiiiice (aka rice) as he speeds by the kitchen table at 50 mph... so based on that and of course his doctor's reviews all seems pretty good so far.

Thank you all so much for thinking of us yesterday. We will continue to keep you posted. Our next appointment is at the end of November and is to review his eyes again. Please continue to pray for his healing... we so much appreciate all of you and your prayers. We fully believe that God is active in this process and we are thankful to Him for sustaining Caleb in this process.


Austin & Nicole

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

No Change!

We are walking out the door now with good news!!!!  The doctor confirms that in this last scan there is still no change.  Praise God for this because according to the doctor the longer we go with no change the better!

I will post more details tonight.... Thank you for your prayers.

Austin and Nicole

Monday, September 10, 2007


Today Caleb had another MRI and things went great. It was an early morning, but he handled it like a champ. For those of you that know Caleb well you know that going without food for long periods isn't his favorite thing to do... :)

Thanks to you all for your prayers.... Please continue to lift him up!  We will post as soon as we have more info... We will go to see the Dr on Wed. afternoon, and will know more at that time.

Austin & Nicole

Friday, September 07, 2007

Monday MRI...

Hey guys,

Just a quick note of reminder that Monday morning we will be taking Caleb for another scheduled MRI. We are anxious to see what is found and we are hopeful that we will hear good news. Please continue to pray for healing. We believe that God can take this from him, and we ask you to pray diligently to this end.

Unfortunately we won't know anything on Monday because of the way that things work... we have an appointment on Wednesday to see the Neurosurgeon and he will review the MRI with us at that time. Pray for peace as we tend to get anxious about these things.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers... we will update you soon.


Austin & Nicole