Thursday, November 05, 2009


Well, I am so excited to say that Caleb has hit some milestones over the past two months!! I have been looking forward to the day that I would read Caleb his first chapter book- Charlotte's Web- and that day finally came this September!! I savored every moment that he and I spent reading one of my favorite books as a child. I actually read him MY Charlotte's Web that I read many times as a kid and saved. It was a very special time for the two of us when Annelise went down for her morning nap. Caleb would climb up on the couch and put his head in my lap as I read. I will cherish that memory and hope for many more moments like these with him and Annelise to come.
Another huge milestone for Caleb is that he has begun to READ!!! Yea, Caleb!!!! I am very very proud of him!! He and I are having some more formal "learning time" together since he isn't going to preschool. He has begun reading three letter words in word families like: og, at, has been very fun teaching him to read and to see him surprise himself as he reads new words!

Annelise is growing and changing so much as well!! She'll be 5 months on the 11th of November- Wow!! We've been loving her big grins and watching her watch Caleb!! She zones in on him wherever he goes, flipping her head around to see where he is at all times!! It's so cute! And she is rolling over now and propping her arms up. When she sits at the dinner table with us, she reaches for our food and grabs anything she can. She almost pulled off the place mat with a plate of food on it the other day! I think she's getting read for solid foods- speaking of which, Annelise is eating better, which is an answered prayer. However, my milk supply is still not doing really well, so if you think to pray for me, pray for my milk! I am on herbs and have rented a Grade A pump to help; however, it's not boosting my supply enough at this point. But overall we are enjoying this precious baby girl, and I feel an overwhelming since of gratitude more and more each day for these two children God has blessed us with.

This is a picture of some of our dearest friends eating at Miller's Grocery. The two couples in the middle (the Moores and the Bakers) were in town briefly. It was a treat to see them!! We love you guys!!!!!
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In September, Randi Lea (3rd from left) turned 30!! She invited several of us to join her for a weekend in Chattanooga- it was a blast!! Austin was very brave to let me go alone for the weekend while he stayed with the kids!! He did a fabulous job! We had the time of our lives with a memorable adventure involving some mice...thanks Randi Lea- I love you dearly and treasure our friendship!!!

Here's my family at our house for some chili and UT football!! And, I have wonderful brother Will T. is engaged to the lovely Rebecca Curry!!! He surprised her just a few weeks ago when he went to Gatlinburg with her family. We love you guys and can't wait for the festivities!!!

Here we are at Harpeth Hills Trunk or Treat! We had fun going back to my home church the weekend before Halloween. Caleb dressed as a pirate and Annelise as a pumpkin!! Ma got Caleb the outfit awhile back, and he's been dressing up ever since playing pirates!! I told him I was kind of sad he's not something sweet this year...he's growing up!!

And here we are on favorite part of the fall is going to the Gentry's farm. We went with a bunch of our friends. God blessed us with no rain!!! Thank you, Lord! We had a blast!
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Here we are going on the hayride!!!

Austin calls Annelise his "Pun-kin!" So, it was fun to dress her as one!! I just want to eat her up in the picture!
We have many more fun pictures to see of the two of here to see more. Thanks to each of you who read our blog and help us raise our little ones through living life with us and/or through prayer. We could not do it alone, and we are forever grateful for you.
In Him, Nicole

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