Friday, March 30, 2007

Family Update...

Just a quick note for you all. Caleb is back in the swing of things and is running hard. He is feeling much better and is growing like a weed. I posted a few new pics here that prove he is in fact feeling fine. Take a look.. you are sure to smile.

Friday, March 16, 2007


We have been released!!!
Caleb was about to jump out the window if they didnt let him out.....  He is hydrated and feeling much better. He still has some recovery to do but we are thankful for the care he received and that we are headed home. 

Thank you all for your support and love.

Austin & Nicole

Afternoon Update

Caleb seems to be making very good progress with respect to energy, alertness and his general appearance.  He wants down to walk around and wants to be free from the tubes that follow his left hand everywhere.

For those of you that know him you know this is certainly more like his normal behavior... We welcome the return of this.

Mom and Dad are tired but hanging in there.... We hope to be sent home tonight.  We will update you all a bit later.

Thanks for your calls and support.

Austin & Nicole

Up and About

Two positive signs..... Caleb has walked around a bit and has eaten a few crackers...... These are very good signs of progress.

They have cut back his fluid amount in effort to make him "want" to drink.... He has taken only sips today...

We will keep you posted.

Austin & Nicole

Tummy Update

Ok.. sorry for the delay but I just got a few minutes to get out to the local Starbucks and shoot an update out. Caleb took about 1200 mL of fluids yesterday and it still on more today.  He had a better night... he nursed two times and we thought he was perhaps rounding the corner.. but this morning he vomited again (which he hasn't done in about 24 hours) so this was sort of depressing.
Dr. Morad came by this morning and said she thought he "looked" better and asked us to try to give him a cracker at about noon and see how he did.  This should be interesting because thus far he will only sip water bout every few hours... it is hard to convince an infant to do something they really don't want to do.
Tests have confirmed he has something called Rotavirus... which apparently is a nasty little bug for the little guys, because it is very hard on them.  On the flip side it is pretty common (Dr. Morad has admitted three this week for it).
Dr. Morad will come by again tonight and have a look at him and we are hoping for a good report.  We will send out an update when we get that report.
Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.  Please keep it up. 
Austin & Nicole

Caleb's Tummy

(This was supposed to be posted 3/15/07)
For those of you that don't know, Caleb has been fighting a nasty stomach virus now for four days.  We just took him to the Dr. and he is going to be admitted for fluids.  We are going to MTMC for a 24 hour period where he will be observed and given the fluids his body needs. He is very weak and lethargic and has lost two pounds as a result of this.

The prognosis is good and we are thankful to have access to medical care but would appreciate your prayers for a speedy recovery for the tooterooski.... He is pretty sad right now.

I will post back as we have more information.

Monday, March 05, 2007


Just wanted to drop you all a note and give you an update on things here.

Caleb is doing great.. other than the daily bruise from falling down or running into something (walls, furniture, doors, etc) he seems to be healthy as a horse. He is starting to get what we are afraid may be a cold.. hopefully it won't turn out to be like his last one.. it was a good one.

Nicole is scheduled for a trip this weekend with Penny to Dallas for a wedding. This leaves Dad and Caleb to fend for themselves all weekend... pray for us. ; ) I am sure we will have movies, popcorn and video games scheduled... we just have to be done by 8:00 or Caleb turns into a pumpkin.

I posted a few new photos in the gallery. If you curious to see what odd faces he has been making lately take a look.. You will also see a few of him hanging with his buddy Emily Kramer at the park and our house... the two have become quite fond of each other.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.. please keep it up.