Monday, May 04, 2009

Farm Trip and More!

Well the 19 of us journeyed to Merri Acres Farm (my family's farm) again for the 2nd year in a row for a weekend of family fun!! We enjoyed the most gorgeous weather we could have imagined!! We fished, rode in the back of a pick up truck, looked for cows, swung on the front porch, played in the sprinkler, rode bikes, roasted smores, sang around a camp fire, and ate like kings!! It was another memorable time with our friends that we cherish. We hope to go every year!

This shot of the three of us might be our last before Annelise comes- it's been a wonderful three years with Caleb.

Here are the kids (minus little Sarah Beth and Timothy) down by the creek. They had fun picking up and throwing rocks while we parents nervously tried to keep them from hitting each other!!

Here Caleb is shooting his first real gun- a BB gun- very carefully and safely- don't worry!! ;) He shot 4 for 4!! Yea, Caleb!! To see more pictures from the farm click here.

I'm 30- almost!! My birthday is in May; however, Austin arranged for us to celebrate a month in advance because he thought I might not be up to it on my actual birthday - which is very close to my due date. He surprised me with a "Spa Party" with some of my dearest friends- Karen, Randi Lea, Liz, and Mandi. We ate chocolate, cheese, and fruit, and talked and laughed for several hours while getting pampered. It was FABULOUS!! He bought us all rings that represent our friendship as well. We also got together again for dinner where our husbands joined us. It was a wonderful, memorable birthday, and I am blessed beyond all measure to have such a thoughtful husband!! Way to go Austin!! I love you! For more pictures click here.

Easter 2009! I am 30 weeks pregnant here and feeling good. Even though sleep is difficult and I tire easily, I can't complain. Overall the 2nd half of the pregnancy has been a really sweet time.

Caleb and Emily smile for the camera at church before walking in to their 3 year old class together!
For Sunday lunch we drove out to Hartsville, TN where Austin's grandparents live. We enjoyed a yummy feast and watched Caleb hunt for eggs! You can see more pictures here.

Lastly, Austin and the guys-Matt, Jonathan, Brian, Derek, and Grant- went away to Fall Creek Falls for a weekend at the 1st of April. For a Christmas gift we ladies surprised our husbands with this trip! They said they had a fabulous time hiking, eating, and hanging out. I am so glad Austin got to spend some time away with his dearest friends. With calendars that always seem to be filled, it's so important for all of us to make time to go deep with a few close friends. They said their time was food for their soul, and I believe it- God created us to do life with others! Click here to see some photos from the trip.

Grace and mercy to you- Nicole