Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Summer 2013!

Well, I know it's been a long while since we updated and I appreciate so many asking about us and Caleb's status. The last time I posted in May we had reached a decision to not treat Caleb with chemo and to wait. It felt so good to finally reach a decision and feel confident that God had confirmed this decision as we sought His guidance in this for about 6 months. We appreciate all of the fervent prayers that were lifted up asking God for wisdom and peace. What a blessing!
We rested this summer from the weight of all of the decision making and from doctor appointments and from research and etc...it was a lovely break. Below I've written about some of the wonderful things we enjoyed together this summer; however, I do want to fill you in a bit on where we are at this moment in time.
Caleb had a great Endocrinologist (hormone specialist) appointment  last month- so we were super thrilled with that news! We are considering getting a non-sedated MRI for the 1st time for Caleb before the year is up. So we would love prayers for wisdom, yet again, on this new course of action.

So, here's what's been going on!!

1st off--Will T and Kayla's wedding at the end of May!!!!

These two shots are action shots Austin took at the actual wedding. They aren't great quality but I had to put them in!! Look at that grin on Will T's face. They've just been pronounced "Man and Wife!"

And here is Caleb, Annelise and Grayson walking down the aisle. What a special moment. I grew up at Harpeth Hills, got married there, and now my babies are walking down the same aisle. What precious memories I have of this church, and what a gift from the Lord!

Annelise getting a squeeze from her big brother. This dress she's wearing was a dress I wore when I was her age.

Mom looked just beautiful in this dress. And I loved her hair up!!!

Grayson is all about the hugs-he gives the best ones! He just turned 2 this June.

silly faces are so fun- Grayson is making his alligator face ;)

Their baby is getting married!

Here's the happy couple at the reception! Kayla changed from a veil to this fascinator and added red lipstick- love it! The reception was lovely and such fun! They had a DJ and lots danced. 

Mom even got out on the dance floor!

Hunter was Will T's best man.

having some fun to the beat!

Alexandria out lasted us all on the dance floor- she literally never took a break! She danced the entire time until the DJ packed up- hilarious!! ;)

Here I am with my two 1st cousins- it was a really sweet weekend with our entire family. Everyone came together to put on the rehearsal dinner and help with all the decorations. Joanna was the florist and made the place look beautiful. 

What a lovely day, Will T. and Kayla! We love you both and pray God's richest blessing!
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Caleb played soccer again this Spring. It was a pretty wet season this year, though!

KG came out to see him play!

And here is a favorite picture- Caleb and Austin- best of friends playing for the last time together. Our dear friends, the Morrows, moved this past June. It has been bitter sweet. We are thrilled for the opportunity God is giving them, but we are so sad to see them go. We've shared 6 years together- 6 precious years of our children young and days filled with many special memories together. Caleb took it the hardest. This has really ironically (considering his health situation) been his 1st time to have to trust God with a hard thing. He has cried a lot and counted down the days to see Austin, but God has been good to Caleb, and Caleb has seen His provisions.

Here is a picture of Sarah Beth and Annelise at a very special "Going Away Build-a-Bear" party we had with her. Annelise has loved Sarah Beth's friendship- especially this past year.

Here are several of the little ladies that attended. It was a very fun and memorable mother/daughter trip we took. Sarah Beth's bear got a special recording placed in hers of the girls saying, "We love you, Sarah Beth!" It made me tear up!

Here they are playing dress up at one of the sleep-overs we had. Precious!! These are the days!!

And we threw the Morrows a going away party at the end of May as well. What sweet friends we have been blessed with!!

And Hunter and Grayson came up for dinner one night when Leslie was gone.

They played so hard we gave them a bath together!! love it! ;)
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In June we celebrated Kathy's 60th birthday! We enjoyed having the family over, grilling out and looking at old pictures. Janie (her sister) put together a really special slide show. It was sweet to see Kathy when she was little and to listen to the stories being told as pictures came up.

say cheese!

Debbie has been a dear friend for most of Kathy's 60 years. What a gift!

We also spent some time sharing letters that we wrote Kathy. We sat in the living room in a circle and listened as each shared their stories, their memories, their love for Kathy. It was a memorable time.

We also celebrated Annelise's 4th birthday in June!! yay! Annelise loves to do crafts, and one of them is to paint. So we had a backyard painting party! I didn't get great pictures of the painting because I was helping with all the painting! However, the kids had fun creating their own canvas paintings.

I can't believe she's 4!

Hello Kitty is still a favorite!

gift opening time!

I just love this shot of Annelise and all her curls blowing as she swings. Can I keep her just like this?? Don't we as parents all want to hold on to these moments, to these ages when they are small for forever? Despite their neediness, I just don't want my kids to grow up!  I kept telling Annelise to stay 3 and not turn 4 this year...she told me she had to turn 4 because she had to go to VBS!! Ha! So we LET her turn 4. She promises to not turn 5 though ! ;)

I want to freeze this moment in time as well...she got her 1st bike! She is so proud here to show off her riding skills!

And another moment I want to freeze in time...here Caleb, Austin, and Emily have their last sleepover together before Austin moves. What dear friends they are.

And here is the new addition to the Morrow family- baby Madison! I could eat her!

saying goodbye for the thousand time- we couldn't get enough goodbyes in...

we love you Morrows so very much!
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Here we are at our house for the 4th of July! It was a rainy weekend, but we were glad it slowed down for a bit so we could shoot a few fireworks with some friends.

cutie- I love my baby girl's curls!

sitting on the porch watching a few fireworks

We also had up that same weekend my family and my cousins and their families for another rainy cookout!

Grayson is 2 now and talking so much more. He is just adorable.

Dad and Uncle Kelley had just as much fun blowing bubbles as the little ones enjoyed chasing them! 

Alexandria, Grayson, Akin, and Grady loved the bubbles

Annelise with her Mimi and Ma- the ones that spoil her the most!

Doesn't Caleb look so grown up here?? He went to his 1st day camp this year called Winshape Christian Camp. He had truly the best time all week! We were amazed at the commitment of the college students (who were from all around the U.S.) to sharing the love of Christ and their love for His Word to all the kids that attended. Caleb wants to go back for sure!

This summer we also enjoyed several visits with some of my life-long friends from Nashville-Laura, Martha, Beth, Reid, and Elizabeth!! I loved getting to see their kids!!

We had a pool party at Laura's.

We enjoyed dinner at Beth's. 

Here they all are at our house! I'm amazed at how much they all look like their mama's in so many ways!! And notice the patio!! ha!! We stained it a color we didn't like-- it's a funny story, but poor Austin worked so hard to get it all off and then had to re-stain it. He's the best "Mr. Fix-it" in the world!! 

Annelise is riding the white convertible with Nora and Caroline- they had a good time together which made my heart happy!

Here we are having dinner with Beth, JP, and Mary. -loved that time with you guys!

Annelise took swimming lessons this summer and did fantastic!! She took them with one of our beloved babysitters, Miss Abby. 


Abby has babysat our kids for 5 or 6 years now, and this was her last time- she's graduated and gone off to college. I just can't believe it!!! We are all missing her tons.

We took this picture to match the picture below. When Abby was a little girl, I babysat her!! It's been such a joy to watch her grow up into such a lovely, Godly woman--and to have her sit for MY kids!!! crazy!! 

This was taken of Abby and me back in 2002 I believe- wow, does time fly!
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