Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Missing Pictures

Hey guys - looks like something went wrong with our last post and the pictures didn't show up right. I have corrected this and if you would like to have a look at them you can follow this link to view them in the original post.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Quarterly Update Part 2

Well, here is part 2 (with a part 3 coming soon- this is a long quarterly update!)

I have to share some of the wonderful things our little girl is doing these days. She is almost 3 and has just captured our hearts in so many ways- we are truly smitten! One of Annelise's favorite things to do is to help in the kitchen. She wipes down the table for fun, sweeps the floor with our Shark, and loves to wash dishes in the sink. - No, I do not make her wash dishes; she asks! She also keeps me company on the counter when I prepare food. She watches and says, "Me do that, Mommy," as she reaches to help. But lately her favorite is snapping fresh green beans!! She can actually snap the ends off of green beans and wash them in the colander! Ha! It's precious AND helpful! Her fine motor skills are truly amazing...another favorite pass time for her is building with Lego's!-not large Lego blocks for 2 year olds- small, tiny Lego's. She even has loved them so much, she's gotten 3 sets of her own of the new "Girl" Lego's! Wow!

Annelise also takes a shower most nights! She's a nut! And speaking of being clean, Annelise has a favorite pair of jeans (already, yes I know!), and she wants them clean to wear just about every day I let her. She will holler across the house, "Mommy, are my jeans clean?" I told Austin, I am going to be hearing that until she leaves for college! ;) and I'm sure I'll be sad when I don't hear it anymore!

Here we are in March for Caleb's 6th birthday! He wanted another sleepover party this year except this time the theme was Star War Lego's. He looks so grown up with his new shorter hair cut.  He puts gel in it now just like his dad.

Caleb wanted another obstacle course, so we designed a Jedi training-camp course. It was a hit! Here all the kids are waiting anxiously while we set up the course. They had a blast running through the house to Star Wars music and fighting with their swords!

We also divided the kids into 2 teams and had them make a creation using a predetermined bag of Lego's. They got pretty creative!

Awesome, guys!

Here we are celebrating again with Austin's family.

--playing with his new light saber! He also got the Star Wars Lego Wii game from Papa- he was beside himself and has gotten really good at it!!

Here's Caleb with KG and the new scooter she gave him! And from us he got a new, bigger bike!! He has already loved both.

In March one of our dear friends, Virginia, and her two boys came down to visit from KY. We had some good girl time because Austin was out of town, and she came without her hubby! Here we are at a park with a bunch of our friends. Man, have we multiplied since 2006!

This picture makes me laugh!! Virginia's oldest son, Jack, is only 4 months older than Annelise. Here they are cruising the cul-de-sac. Jack just looks so cool like he's been driving for years, and Annelise looks like she's tickled pink to be going on a date with Jack!! ;)
We loved having you guys!!!!

Here we are at Aunt Janie's birthday. We ate a delicious country meal at the famous Miller's out in Christiana. It use to be an old grocery store back in the day. They played live Bluegrass/folk music for us and everyone sang out!! ;)


At the end of March the Tenpenny family had a workday at Ma's house. Mom organized it, and it was a success. Here Annelise is helping her Mimi clean the shutters with her shades on. What a mess she is!

We also got a family picture of all the great-grand kids and Ma. From the left is Alexandria (Allison's), Grayson (Hunter's), Caleb, Aiken (Allison's), Grady (Joanna's), and Annelise. Six total!! Ma has been in hog heaven with all the babies!!! And she stays busy babysitting too! Can you believe she is about to be 80 this summer? She is truly amazing and such a gift from the Lord to all of us.

Here are the latest two great-grandchildren. Grady was born just 2 weeks before Aiken. They are destine to be close cousins just as Allison and I were growing up!

Part 3 coming soon!

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Our Quarterly Update!

We are celebrating today the best news we've heard from Caleb's MRI results in 15 months!!! We are thrilled!!! The Oncologist walked in and said he was very encouraged! He went on to share that there was no signs of growth in the tumor and no significant signs worth being concerned about in the enhancement of Caleb's tumor! We just couldn't believe it!!! This is the 6th MRI in 15 months and each one has been a very serious discussion about either the slight growth and/or the enhancement of the tumor. Each time he has gone through the list of treatment and biopsy options and all the risks at hand. Although we have been so very thankful every time that the doctors have wanted to wait and watch, we've walked away with a lump in our throats. But not today! He came in ever so chipper, shared with us the good news, took a quick look at Caleb, and said see you in 6 months!!!
We are worshipping our Lord for his mercies on us today! We don't understand his plan for our son or other children that we see in the Cancer Center, but we know He has a plan that is good for each of us no matter what. And today we are rejoicing that His plan is still to protect Caleb from this tumor!!

We will continue to thank you all for your concern and prayers lifted up on our son's behalf. We are completely humbled that you would join us. We truly want to join alongside of you in the struggles you might be facing today as well- we are fully aware that each of you reading have struggles and faith points just like we do. Please let us know how we can pray for you. We truly mean it.

Now for the quarterly's the 1st half of the update. I haven't finished it yet...

In January, Annelise was invited to a ballerina birthday party! This was her 1st dress up party! She put on her 1st dress up outfit we bought her for Christmas, and we added a touch of lipstick! She felt so pretty as she danced in the living room. It's so fun having a girl!!! ;) I use to love to dress up- Mom, Dad, and Ma can vouch for that one- I use to put on old slips, heals, wigs, and tacky costume jewelry finished off with red lipstick and purple eye shadow!! ;)

Here she is with the Birthday Girl, Sarah Beth! Sarah Beth is a sweet friend to Annelise- she's older than Annelise but they have fun together.

Annelise is loving dolls and is playing pretend more and more. It's so precious to watch and even more fun to join in. Here Caleb was an angel and played with her- she was all smiles to have him join. Here Annelise was playing the doctor while "Daddy Caleb" brought in his sick baby!

One Saturday night in January we had dinner with our old friends Beth and Jamie. Austin went to school with both of them and was in their wedding. They have 4 adorable children- their latest child, Sophie, was just adopted from China! She warmed up to me pretty quickly, and I just wanted to eat her up!! We love you guys, and are so encouraged by your steps of faith each and every day!!

Here we celebrated Will T's birthday at the bowling alley with our family. Will T's sweet girlfriend, Kayla, joined us too! It has been fun getting to know her over the last few months!! ;)
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Grandaddy loved the bumpers as much as Caleb and Annelise!! ;)

getting a hug from Uncle Hunter!

Grayson was just as content as he could be in Ma's arms watching everyone play.

I love this picture of Annelise and Mimi. Annelise sure loves her Mimi!!...

...and she loves Caleb too! We caught her stealing a hug from Caleb at Newk's one Sunday- there's nothing sweeter than seeing your children love on each other. What a gift from the Lord these two are- and growing up so fast. We keep telling them to slow down!! Caleb is 6 now and Annelise is almost 3years.

In February, Austin and I took a long weekend trip to the Florida Keys for a transportation industry event where he represented the accomplishments of his team at FirstFleet. I am so proud of him and his team!! We had a restful time away.

For Christmas, Annelise got a convertible to drive around in the cul-de-sac. She has loved it!!!! At first we had to steer, run behind, and help her dodge obstacles in her way; however, that's not the case anymore! She's a pro- or so she thinks ;)   I hope when she's 16 she'll drive a bit more cautiously- Lord, help us! 

Also in February Hunter, Leslie, and Grayson came up for several hours for a play-date. It was such a treat to have them over!! Grayson is such a doll; I wish we saw more of him. He's going to be turning one in June- I can't believe it. 

Don't you just want to eat him!!?? 

I'll update the second half soon!

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