Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We have a name!

We are excited to announce that we have a name for "Baby Sister!"

Her official name is Annelise Merri Henderson!

We are going to call her Annelise. Ann is my grandmother's (Dad's mother) middle name, and Merri is short for Merriman which is my other grandmother's (Mom's mother) maiden name. We felt like God placed these names before us and are honored to have such a Godly heritage to name her after. Ann in Hebrew means "gracious and merciful" which we believe sums up my Ma. We pray that Annelise will be full of God's grace and mercy to those around her as she grows up. And Merri reminds me of my mother, my Nana, and our wonderful memories on our farm, Merri Acres which was all originally Merriman land. We pray that Annelise will be faithful and committed to God and her family as my mother has been and will nurture those in her home as both my mother and Nana did for us so very well.

The picture above is me at 27 1/2 weeks- almost 7 months. We celebrated Caleb's 3rd birthday on Saturday with a "Cars" themed party and then went bowling with family afterwards. We had a blast!! See some pictures here of the fun!