Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring is Here!!

The last several months have been a sweet time to watch the friendship between Caleb and Annelise grow. Annelise is at a stage where she is able to interact and play better with Caleb, and she is loving it! Annelise is 10 months now; she is crawling, waving bye bye, signing "more" and "all done" and loving Caleb's toys! She wants to do whatever Caleb does and be wherever he is!! Caleb has been very gracious and protective of her- he is a GREAT big brother. We pray they will always be close.

I love to see them loving on each other!

This is Annelise's and Caleb's 1st bath together- they had a blast splashing water everywhere!

This is a silly pic of Emily and Caleb doing back rolls off the couch!
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At the end of February our good friend Virginia and her precious son, Jack, drove down from Louiville for a few days. It was a fun visit. Jack was an absolute doll!! He's 4 months older than Annelise and was very very gentle with her. I just wanted to eat him up!! At the end of March, Karen and I took a road trip up to see her without the kids!! Yea!! It was a nice break, and we enjoyed the girl time with Virginia.
Look how cute he is!!!!
Here we are having tacos with Virginia and Benji and Rebekah- celebrating their return to the boro!! Yea!! We are thrilled to have them back along with Caroline and their latest addition, Anna Laura!! (Derek and Karen and Randi Lea helped us celebrate too!)

Here Karen and I are in Louisville with Virginia at the most lovely tea room. We had a beautiful day to eat lunch, stroll around, shop a little, and eat some more!!Thanks for having us up, Virginia- it was a treat!
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Here we are at the Murfreesboro rodeo!!- Caleb and Annelise's 1st! Caleb loved it! We got to see the horse riding and the funny clown routines; however we had to leave before the bull riding...bummer!

Caleb had a blast playing with his friends, Austin, John Mark, and Vada- this is my favorite picture!!! Vada didn't have a gun- that didn't stop her!! She made one with her fingers!!!

Annelise's favorite thing is the bath these days. From the second she gets in until you pull her out, she uses both hands to splash the water as hard as she can- over and over and over!! Forget about the toys- no need for any!! It's a hoot and a very big mess too!! She LOVES it!!

Bath time is full of smiles!
look at those teeth- two on bottom, two on top and two more on top coming in- total of 6 soon!
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Caleb turns 4!! We can't believe it! We celebrated at Bounce U this year. It was truly a lot of fun for the kids and the adults! Annelise even went down a slide too. 
We feel so blessed to have Caleb for 4 years with absolutely no change in his tumor. His eye sight couldn't be better. Thank you for your prayers. Speaking of prayers...we are in the process of seeking a second opinion and would love your prayers right now for wisdom. We will keep you updated.

Mimi and Annelise! --It sure has been fun dressing Annelise in pink and putting matching bows in her hair!

Uncle Dewey, Aunt Janie, KG, and Jim joined us along with other family as well- we are blessed to have everyone so close.
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Easter is here!! We celebrated with Austin's family on Saturday. Annelise had fun playing with Chase.

Caleb had to hunt hard for the eggs that KG and Jim hid- it was a good challenge! We decided that next year Annelise would give him some competition for sure!
Caleb and Emily showing off their outfits for Easter. I love Emily's haircut!

Here we are before church. Annelise is dressed in my Easter dress that my mother made for me 30 years ago! It was really special to have have her wear it. 
Our Easter was a wonderful, memorable day especially in light of the Revelation study I've been doing with CBS this year. I have been overwhelmed that Christ came to this earth, gave his life, paid for my sins, and conquered death for me- that He loves me and you that much- it is truly humbling.
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Mom did a beautiful job on the neddle work!
Look at Annelise with her daddy- she will not remember this day, but I will cherish it for a lifetime. She is only in our arms for a brief time, and I want to take hold of these days and make them each special- for they are fleeting.

Here we are at Ma's house for lunch and egg hunting. It was nice to be with the whole family- and fun to watch my brothers and Leslie love on my babies. It means a lot, and I look forward to loving on theirs one day too!

Four generations is hard to come by these days. This is a special picture.
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Grandaddy's arms are always a comforting, safe, and fun place to be. I still love being in them- thank you Dad! I love you!
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