Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Home from Boston

We are home! And we are so happy to share that our time in Boston went so so well!! We found all the places we needed to be and made it to all of our appointments on time- yay!! (grateful for those prayers!) We felt the Lord’s gift of peace and so did Caleb. We had some sweet moments with him that involved discussions of his tumor that were new, discussions of how he was feeling and what to do with what he was feeling, and some sweet times of praying with Caleb.

And then we got some encouraging news from Caleb’s eye doctor. They tested him on his vision, and he once again has perfect vision- yay!!! His eye nerves do indicate that there is pressure being placed on both of his eyes- the left eye worse than the right; but the diameter numbers were exactly the same as his last visit; so no change in his eyes! This is very good!! Dr. Heidary did not feel that it was necessary to take any action since things were stable and his vision in perfect condition. We are so thankful!

And Caleb’s MRI went really well yesterday. He was a bit nervous; but the nurses were wonderful and things went smoothly. Today we got the results back from Oncology, and Dr. Manly said there were no significant changes in the MRI scan. There was a slight discrepancy, but not worth treatment over. He feels very comfortable waiting 6 months for another eye exam, and as long as that eye exam looks good, then he is fine waiting until next year to do another scan. This is great news for us! We are so very thankful to the Lord for answering our prayers in our favor. I will always be reminded when we go to these hospitals that each day we have our health is a gift from the Lord, and that we aren’t guaranteed a good report, no matter how many are praying. But we are so so grateful for today, and we will celebrate today!!!

Thank you for partnering with us, for walking with us and being a huge part of the Lord’s encouragement to our souls. You are a gift, and we are eternally grateful for you!

There are many of you that we pray for too in all that you and your family are walking through. It is an honor to lift you up! Let us continue to serve you as you have us…so let us know how we can pray for you today.

Grace upon Grace,
Nicole and Austin

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Boston Travels - Monday

Hey family and friends,

We wanted to let you know that we are headed to Boston on Monday (2/22/2016) for Caleb’s first MRI at Boston Children’s Hospital. Monday is a day of travel, and we have his eye exams and his MRI the following day, Tuesday the 23rd, with results from the MRI on Wednesday morning.

We are so grateful for the continued support from so many of you. We would love it if you could join us in praying the following:

  • That we would trust the Lord and experience His peace this next week. Also, that He would be glorified in all that we do, say, and think.
  • Travel mercies which would include trying to navigate Boston and the hospital. We are not too familiar with the place yet. We have 4 different appointments that are not all in one building with a shuttle to take between two of them, appointment times to keep, etc.
  • That Caleb faith would grow as he trusts the Lord in a new place. That he would have peace in the midst being put to sleep by new nurses, new doctors, new routines, etc. Also, that Caleb will have mercies to go almost the entire day without eating.
  • That his eye nerve exams will come back positive. The exams in the last year have shown a decrease in the diameter of his eye nerves which could indicate that the tumor is pressing down on his eye nerves. So we would love for those numbers to be up and the clinical exam of his eyes to show no vision loss.
  • That the MRI will show no increase in size and the cyst found on top will not be any bigger.
  • That all the doctors would have wisdom and be led by the Spirit as they review his exams.
Thank you, thank you!!! We will keep you posted!

In Him,

Nicole and Austin