Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas 2010

Christmas was a such a sweet celebration this year! Caleb and Annelise were at such a fun stage- Caleb's anticipation and excitement was precious- he also was at an age where he was better able to grasp the amazing event of Christ's birth which has forever changed history. He even got to play Joseph in our CBS's play!
And Annelise was an absolute doll this year!! She had a blast opening presents! Her expressions and excitement over each gift was priceless! It was a joy to watch her. I just can't believe she's running around everywhere and talking up a storm- oh, how they change so much the first few years.

One of our traditions on Christmas Eve is for the kids to open up a pair of new Christmas PJ's to wear that night! It was fun for Caleb to remember that and look forward to opening his this year. Here they are on Christmas Eve showing off their PJ's under the dining room table- a favorite place for the two of them to play right now- that's another sweet thing this Christmas- Annelise is getting to an age where she can play with Caleb! She growls at him- literally- to get him to chase her around the house- she hides under the dining room table a lot!

Here we are at my parents. Grandaddy read The Night Before Christmas- a tradition we've done for years. Annelise is such a cheese ball!! We had a big Christmas at Mimi's and Grandaddy's as always!! Caleb got an enormous Nerf gun, which the whole family enjoyed, and Annelise got a new baby doll!

And here is my brother Hunter and his wife Leslie...they told us some really big and exciting news over the Thanksgiving holidays...they are having a baby!!!!!!! yea!!!! We are thrilled for them!! We gave them their 1st classic books for Christmas for the new baby!!! We are anticipating the news of the sex of the baby in February. She is due July 2nd...but we all know what the baby will look like-Ha! --dark skinned and dark headed just like their parents!!
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Here we are at Ma's house. I anticipate every year Ma's big Christmas breakfast with her gravy and country ham ...and Ma decked out in her Christmas apron. We enjoyed every bite!!
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On Christmas Eve day we had over Austin's dad and brother to celebrate! We enjoyed a yummy ham and the trimmings to go with it. After that we opened presents. Caleb got some Mexican Jumping Beans and Lincoln Logs and Annelise got a music set! And we all got a big laugh when I accidentally gave Chase one of Austin's gifts!! He started opening it, saw what it was, and then I about died!! Whoops! Sorry, Chase- maybe you'll get a carrying tool bag for your birthday this year!! Ha!

Here is Papa and his sweet girlfriend Meridith. She brought her daughter this year and what a precious young lady she was!!

On Christmas Eve we enjoyed several traditions- eating dinner, making cookies, putting on Christmas PJ's, and opening up a special ornament that represents their year. Caleb's ornament was a Superman. He guessed it before he opened it- he has LOVED Superheros! And Annelise's was a bumblebee. She has been very busy this year- and Ma started calling her a little bumblebee- it stuck!!
This picture is of them on Christmas morning sucking on ring pops!

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On Christmas day we celebrated with Austin's Mom's side. We enjoyed another big yummy lunch complete with Kathy's pecan pie! It was a wonderful white Christmas!! Here is Austin with his Pa. Pa absolutely adores Caleb and Annelise. I just love to watch him with them.

Here is Chase and his girlfriend Krystle. It was fun getting to know her this Christmas. She was really sweet to love on our babies too!

Here is Kathy and Jim. Kathy is becoming a big Auburn fan and got a fun Auburn "bling bling" ring from us! They got to go to the National Championship ballgame!! Wow!!

And here is Uncle Dewey and Aunt Janie-what dears they are!! Janie talked about how much they anticipate each month our prayer calendar pictures of our kids- that really means a lot, Janie- thanks for loving on our babies so much. What a gift you guys are.
As everyone enjoyed Caleb and Annelise's excitement and joyful responses to the gifts they received, the Lord reminded me on Christmas day how He truly desires us to be like children. The second our children entered KG's house the place seemed to come alive with laughter, excitement, and joy- isn't that what God has called us to? --To truly have and remember the joy deep within our hearts, because of the great gift of adoption into His family, that we would light up a room when we entered it? I've been encouraged this Christmas to live in such a way that even the smallest of gifts from the Lord will make my heart happy- even on the grayest of days-- and that I might bring bring laughter, joy, and peace to all I encounter.
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Annelise had a blast playing with Adam (Austin's cousin) this year. He ate lots of yummy food she fixed!

Here is Caleb with his Buzz Lightyear wings pretending to fly!! --btw, Caleb is going to be having another MRI on February 2nd. He hasn't had one in a year and a half- which we are thankful but also nervous - he has to be put to sleep- we are anticipating more questions as well- please pray that we will have the words to say to him, that he will have peace in his heart and not worry, and that everything would go smoothly- not to mention the results- we do pray that nothing has grown or changed in the last year and a half. We pursued a second opinion from a doc in Birmingham, AL. He encouraged us to have MRIs done every year. So, here we are again. Thank you so very much for so many prayers lifted up on Caleb's behalf over the years.

Jim took Annelise outside to look at the snow- she wasn't so sure about touching it- she wanted to stay in his arms. ;)
On Sunday after Christmas we went sledding in the bits of snow we had. This is my favorite picture!! I can't believe God has blessed Austin and myself with 2 beautiful children- they are such a joy!!
...And speaking of children... we've decided to start back up the adoption paperwork!! Yea!! We have not forgotten about the little girl out there that God has chosen for our family!! I have a few short-term goals to finish in the next few weeks before officially calling our adoption agency, but we are really excited to be pursuing our little girl again!!
If you'd like to see more Christmas pics you can click here. Love to you!!!!!
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