Saturday, November 27, 2010

Misty - One Year

My dear friend Misty died one year ago today. She and I shared many wonderful memories over the 30 years of growing up together. After putting the kids to bed tonight I curled up next to Austin and cried remembering vividly not only the phone call I received that night and the agony that went with that call but also the flash of literally a hundred-plus memories of the two of us- all so dear to my heart. Soon after Misty died last year I posted a blog about her and shared some memories and photos. I also said that one day I would dig up some old pictures of us and post them. Well, tonight I got out the memory box and started digging. It felt good to look back. Here are a few...

Here's Misty at one of my birthday parties- i think I was turning 9 or 10.
This is one of my absolute favorites!! She and I played softball together for 3 years- this picture is us after one of our games. I love to see those Purity hats!! Misty was a lot better than me at softball- I stood out in left field chewing gum- that's when my dad started calling me Snooks! He'd yell, "Go, Snooks!" to try to wake me up, I'm sure!! The name stuck and everyone called me that all growing up-including Misty.

Here we are goofing off at an overnight birthday party we went to together. Misty was always singing! Check out those Umbro shorts I have on!

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These pictures crack me up- we were asked to pose for an article in a magazine called Teenage Christian. The pictures were being taken by a family friend. I remember us both being nervous!  I think we were in the 8th grade.

Here we are on Wilderness trek climbing up a Colorado mountain the summer before our Junior year of high school. What an amazing week we had!! It was such hard work but worth it to reach the summit and it's view from the top!!
Both our dads came with us on the trek which was very special. The hike was challenging and a memory I will cherish with my dad.

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At the end of our senior year the girls in our youth group had a father-daughter date night. Here is Misty with her dad.

-my dad and me on our date!

Here we are pledging Delta Sigma at Lipscomb University. We shared so many wonderful memories together pledging and just in general in college. We roomed just 2 doors down from each other. Misty's favorite singers at the time were the Dixie Chicks- she sang them from the top of her lungs often in those dorm rooms!! Her car was the "pledge-mobile" - she drove us everywhere- including runs to the Krispy Kreme Doughnut for crullers at 11:00 at night for our sweet sisters in Delta Sigma!!

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Last picture here is us shopping with my cousin Allison for my wedding dress- what a sweet memory of the three of us when I found my dress!!

I look forward to seeing Misty's beautiful face in heaven one day - and to hear her laughing and singing again. Thank you, Jesus, for conquering death so that we all might be united again with not only our loved ones but with You, Lord. We are eternally grateful and indebted forever...may my life reflect the cost you paid to bring us home. Amen

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fall is here!

Well there is a lot to share from the Henderson home since I last blogged! We've been lots of places and shared some wonderful memories. I'll start with the latest and work backwards... Halloween...Caleb was Superman- he was VERY excited and counted down the days...and Annelise was a sunflower (Emily's old costume- it was fun to see it on her- I loved Emily in it!)

Here they are with KG, Austin's mom!

Here they are with Mimi and Grandaddy- by the way, Annelise has really started talking these days. She is saying all kinds of words like cracker, snack, water (which is La la- she can't make the "W" sound yet), ball, bellybutton, car, of course Mama, and Dada, Mimi, Papa and many others...but I couldn't believe that she actually said Grandaddy the other day!!! Of course sounds are missing from some of these words, but still! I was impressed that she was attempting! They tell me at CBS that she's going to be a talker- I guess I'm going to have two talkers running around my house!! ;)

Here is the whole gang! Each year we get together with our friends to trick or treat and take a picture- it's fun to see them grow and for us to add new sweet babies like Stella and Darcy!!! Yea!! There is not going to be enough room on the couch pretty soon!
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Look at that strong Superman!! ;)

What a cheese ball Annelise has become! She is learning to smile for the camera- I think she's so cute when she crunches up her little nose!! To see more Halloween photos click here.

Here she is again cheese'in it up with beans smeared all over her face!! And look at that hair... She's getting a little curl- I'm starting to get jealous! ;)

In October we celebrated our church's 10 year anniversary. It was a really special time of looking back and remembering. Here's a picture of the core group of people that helped start it. I still can't believe that we were able to be apart of the birth of this church! It was not an easy decision, but we felt God calling us to take a step of faith as Peter did on the water with Jesus. Words can not describe the blessings God has bestowed on us through Fellowship, and we are eternally grateful that He gave us the courage. His faithfulness has fueled in us the courage to walk through other uncertain times and will continue to in the future. I'm amazed and humbled at the work God has done in and through us over the past 10 years, and we look forward to another 10 years!
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Here we are for the 4th year in a row at the Gentry's Farm! This day for me is one of the highlights of the year. I absolutely love being outside in God's creation on a fall day with my family and our dearest friends- one day when my kids are too old to go to the Pumpkin Patch I am truly going to cry. I love it, love it, love it! However, in the midst of this day (and Halloween as well) I have been truly sad over the loss of my dear friend Misty. Last year at this time she took her kids to the Gentry's Farm- and I saw her for the last time at the Harpeth Hills Trunk-or-Treat event last year. She held up Annelise in her pumpkin outfit. It's hard to believe that she's not with us this year. I visited her grave site just recently- the ground is still slightly upturned. It is so hard to see her name etched there. I was reminded as the wind blew that the Word says that we are all like the flowers of the field...they bloom and have their radiance for just a short while and then are gone...I miss her so much and pray for her family daily.

Annelise worked so hard to pick up these pumpkins!!

Yea!! What a big girl!!!

Here are some of the kidos waiting for the farmer to start that tractor engine! The hayride is so fun!! To see more pics click here!

Also, in October we went to the opening of the new PinkBerry frozen yogurt! Austin's dad and brother, Chase, recently brought this business to Nashville. It was an exciting event- and we loved the yogurt!! Caleb's favorite was Mango!!

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In September our family took a beach trip together! We had the most wonderful week! It was really nice to have a good chunk of time with my parents, Ma, my brothers, and Leslie. We had a blast at the beach, playing cards (Will T. and Hunter taught us how to play poker!), cooking dinners together, and just hanging out. Unfortunately, just a few days before we left for the beach, Annelise came down with a really bad stomach virus that lingered into our beach trip- she was not exactly herself- but overall, it was a fabulous trip! Thank you, Mom and Dad, for a very memorable week!

The ladies on the trip!

Caleb had a blast with his uncles- they are such fun!!

Annelise wasn't too thrilled about the sand- however, she warmed up a little toward the end of the week and enjoyed throwing shells into the ocean. This picture is her in my old bathing suit when I was about her age!! How special!! I was a bit chunkier in it though! Posted by Picasa
I love to see our kids with their grandparents - we are so blessed that they love our kids so much!

The three amigos! This was the life!!

It was really fun to see Caleb absolutely love the beach this year. He spent hours snorkeling with Austin and playing in the sand.

This is my favorite bathing suit on Annelise- I hope maybe one day her little girl might wear it!! To see more beach pictures, click here.
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In September one of Caleb's very best friends, Emily, was baptized! It was a very special day- We witnessed her profess her faith in Jesus as her Lord and Savior and watched her dad baptize her in the Stones River. It was beautiful! She is an amazing little girl her who at such a young age has grasped her own depravity and what her Heavenly Father has done for not only her but for all those who put their trust in Him. We love you Emily!!

Also, in September we had the privilege of keeping Austin and Sarah Beth at our home for a few days. Caleb was beside himself and loved every minute!! It was a really sweet time for me too to spend such quality time with our God-children! They are both precious and mean so much to us!!

Bath time!!!

This was Caleb's and Emily's 1st day of CBS (Community Bible Study) this September- it is just my favorite picture!!!!They look so grown up- they are truly not toddlers any more! They were thrilled to be in the same class- and....they have just been asked to play the parts of Mary and Joseph in the upcoming Christmas play!!! How cute!! To see more Sepetember photos click here.
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Also, at the end of August we celebrated our 10th anniversary by taking a Caribbean cruise!!!! We truly had the time of our lives! It was a sweet time of rest and adventure. We enjoyed sleeping in, sunning, reading, eating, and taking some really fun excursions off the boat at the islands.


Here we are getting ready to kayak in a lagoon.

And our favorite adventure was getting to swim with dolphins at Atlantis!! They are amazing animals- so smart and playful. It was a memorable experience-- We had a blast!! We feel very fortunate to have been able to take a vacation to celebrate our marriage. We pray that the Lord will grant us many more together unless He returns- which we do hope will be sooner than later. Click here to see more! Posted by Picasa

Lastly, back at the end of July- first of September we spent a weekend with Austin's family. We went to Long Hunter State Park and walked around part of the lake in the woods- it was beautiful- we saw several deer up close!! Caleb had such fun holding Dewey's hand and having his full attention! You are so good to him, Dewey- we love you!

Dinner at the Outback- this dinner didn't turn out quite like we had planned- it was a very long wait for a table plus a long wait for our food- Annelise was beside herself- we stuffed her with so much food to try to stop her from crying that she ended up throwing up in her crib in the middle of the night! It was nasty!!

Here are the ladies- Aunt Janie beside me and Kathy (KG), Austin's mom, beside her- they were very gracious and understanding with Annelise that night! Thank you!!

On Sunday we spent a lovey afternoon out at Dewey and Janie's farm. Grandma and Pa joined us too! We had the best time- Annelise fell in love with two things- watermelon and dirt!! She ate her weight in watermelon and played in the dirt so hard she was covered black!! (she is truly a girl after KG's heart!!) To see more pics click here.
Well, I'm finally done!!... Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas...grace and mercy to all of you who we hold dear !!

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