Sunday, December 30, 2012

Brief Caleb Update

First of all Nicole and I want to thank you all for your many prayers over the last six weeks. So many of you have shared with us prayers, scriptures and words of encouragements that have let us know we are not alone in this journey, and this has been huge blessing to us. 

Your prayers are heard by our God, and their impact has been felt in our personal lives. The news of the possibility of treatment and worsening conditions was very hard for us, but we have been carried through these times and have been sustained in amazing ways. We have had a sweet Christmas in our new home, and in the midst of these hard times we have experienced His hope as we celebrate and rejoice for the birth of Christ.

All of you are aware of Caleb's health and the fact that we are in the stages of waiting on second opinions. We have heard back from John Hopkins and the news is essentially the same – the tumor is believed to be slowly growing, and if we choose therapy that the therapy presented by Vanderbilt is the same they would elect. They did communicate that both options of therapy and waiting for therapy would be valid options, but waiting carries with it a certain risk in the "unknown" of what may happen.  It was also clarified to us that they concur with the fact that surgery is not an option. We have not yet heard back from our Oncologist regarding the second opinion at Saint Jude's.

We know we will soon be asked to make a decision on our next steps and in light of this would like to have a day where we have unified prayer for wisdom and healing. We would love for you to join us on Wednesday as we pray for:
  1. Healing
  2. A clear direction for our next steps
  3. Peace and strength to move forward regardless of difficulty
We are truly humbled that you would take time to lift up our family to the Father, and if there is anything that we can be praying for on your behalf, we would truly love to do so. 

We will keep you updated in the coming weeks.