Monday, January 07, 2013

Thank you!

Well, we are so sorry for the delay in response in regards to last week’s prayer and fasting time. Unfortunately I came down with the flu and was in the bed for several days- that has put us behind! Sweet Austin has had double duty and has done a fantastic job.

We honestly are at a loss of words to describe to you just how deeply impacted we have been by your response to our cry. We have been truly humbled that so many of you earnestly prayed for us on Wednesday. And we have been blown away by the number of you who chose to fast with us and even gather together and pray without us even being there! Wow! We have been strengthened by your presence, your love, your commitment, and your faith. And, I don’t think we will ever forget you being the hands and feet of Christ to us this past week. I wish so much there was a way we could repay you for your kindness.

I would like to share what Austin posted on our church website- these words are to you as well:

Hi friends – I cannot explain what a blessing these comments and prayers have been for the past few days. Nicole and I have talked each day of God’s love for us through you. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts – that you would care for us enough to present our family before the father. We know He has heard our prayers and are hopeful for the future.

As for our next steps, I don’t think we are in a place to really comment on that at this exact moment – not because we don’t want to – but rather because we are still unsure. I was able to speak with parents of a now grown child this week who gave me great encouragement by telling me her story of her son’s battle. God has also been generous this week to encourage us from His word.

In particular I have received encouragement from:
When the righteous cry for help, the Lord hears and delivers them out of all their troubles. The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit. (Psalms 34:17, 18)

We know we are not alone.. we know God is with us and we know you all are with us. Today we are thankful for the blessing of our son and for the health that he enjoys. God is doing a work in our hearts and the hearts of folks all over through this situation. We continue to trust Him for the outcome and desire that our hearts align perfectly with His will.

We will continue to keep you posted on the progression and any needs that we may have along the way.

As of now we are still waiting on Vanderbilt to call us in with results from St. Judes. We do have two appointments next week with Caleb’s eye doctor and hormone specialist. We will keep you posted on those results. Thank you, dearly again and now here are some pictures from November and December.

On November 8th we celebrated Austin's birthday and enjoyed our last celebration and dinner in the dinning room of our old house. It was a sweet one!

We celebrated Krystle's birthday too! She and Chase are getting married in April- we can't wait! They have been such a blessing in our lives. 

And then the packing begins- my family came up to help- here Grayson and the kids play with Caleb's old cars while we pack. It was fun having Grayson to play.

Here he is licking the bowl that had bananas in it! Ha!

My parents graciously took our children for a few days while Austin and I moved and unpacked a few things. These few days were some of the hardest due to the news we received on moving day of the doctors wanting to move forward with treatment. It made leaving our home extra hard, and it honestly put a damper on the excitement of moving. I was actually in tears and trying to hold back tears while moving, but these days have passed and the Lord has been carrying the burden- praise the Lord!
This picture is a sweet memory of us taking an exploration hike in our back yard past the fence. We climbed around and explored for awhile and really had a good time.

Here is a sweet picture of the kids with one of their favorite babysitters- Miss Heather. She has just gotten married and this was one of the last times she sat for us. We have had the privilege of having her come play with our kids for the last 6 1/2 years. We love you tons, Heather and thank you for loving on our babies for so many years. We will miss you!

Thanksgiving- we didn't take a ton of pictures but we did have a sweet time with both of our families. Krystle did a fantastic job cooking most of the food- Chase, you are marrying a good cook- what a blessing! And Kathy made her famous pecan pie- my favorite. 

Annelise is getting some lov'in from Hunter- precious

And, I am just so excited to share that Will T. and Kayla are engaged!!!! I actually have a picture of them and the ring in all my Christmas pictures but that will have to come later....We are thrilled to say that Will T. popped the question over the holidays and shared with all of us at Ma's house. Will T. was saying the blessing before we ate breakfast and said at the end, " and thank you Lord that Kayla and I are engaged!! I screamed! Yay!!!! We love you both and are thrilled for you guys!!! 

Will T and Kayla had their 1st date over the Christmas holidays last year. 

We took a family picture at Mom's and Dad's.

and here's a picture of the extended family. Mom's brother Bill and Judy came and so did Leslie's family. We enjoyed yet again another delicious Thanksgiving meal made by Mom complete with homemade fudge and boiled custard. Yum!

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Here Caleb and Annelise are creating animals and airplanes out of those melty beads (Annelise's new favorite thing) while enjoying the new bar stools at the kitchen sink!  

Here Annelise is waiting to perform at the CBS Christmas performance. We were so proud of her for singing her heart out and doing all the motions- that's big stuff for Annelsie!

We caught her doing "the little Lord Jesus lay down his sweet head."

And we were so proud of Caleb for having a reading part this year- a 1st for 1st graders! He did an excellent job. He is reading tons now- just about anything on his bookshelf he is capable of reading.

and I had to put this picture in- here Annelise was trying on some of my red, Christmas lipstick!! Ha! It makes me remember how much I use to love putting on my Granny's red lipstick with my cousin Allison! Isn't she a doll!

Here Caleb and Annelise are having fun on the swing set for the 1st time in our new back yard.

Here we are with our Community Group having our 1st party in our new home- even without a couch in the living room! We sang Christmas songs with the kids and enjoyed some food, games, and fellowship.

Here's Annelise with some of her pals at the party- Emma and Vada

And did I mention how much Caleb and Annelise play Uno???

I just love this shot of the kids in our backyard. We put it on the Christmas card and I had to put it in our kitchen. They are growing so fast.

and yes Annelise is a ham the majority of the time although most wouldn't know it!

We have all enjoyed watching the horses at our new home. Caleb and Annelise have named most of them- this one I think is Brownie.

I will have to post some other time about Christmas- we did have a sweet time together in our new home. Thanks again for all of your support, your time, your prayers, and your sacrifices. What a gift.
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