Sunday, April 13, 2008

March Madness!

Sorry it's taken so long to post- it's been a crazy few weeks! Caleb turned 2 on the 17th, and as many of you know, Caleb loves food. So, we had fun giving him a cooking-theme birthday party! Caleb's Mimi (my mother) made her famous cookie dough, and all 6 of his friends had fun rolling out the cookie dough, finding a fun cookie cutter, painting the baked cookies with colored icing, and eating their yummy creations!! I was amazed as little Caeden, Emily and the rest of the children enjoyed spending time painting their cookies; however, we laughed at Caleb as he could care less about the painting and wanted only to dive in and eat his cookie!! Thanks to all who joined us to celebrate. We feel very very blessed to have such wonderful family and friends who genuinely love Caleb and us so much. What a gift from the Lord!

Also, in March we celebrated Easter along side of many of you. This year our church performed its first drama, and I was honored to be apart of it. We reenacted the Lighthouse "Everything" skit you might have seen on Youtube. It is a powerful image of the love of Christ, the price He paid, and the freedom and peace that comes from a right relationship with Him. I had a blast working with the others in the cast and performing again on stage. It was a stretch for me to perform in front of a church audience, but it was really neat to be apart of such a moving message. The Lord did a work in my own heart, and I have walked away changed.

Lastly, at the end of the month Austin and I left Caleb with my parents for a week and joined Matt and Randi Lea on a Caribbean cruise!! It was absolutely fabulous!! We ate like kings, basked in the sun, snorkeled and rode a jet ski in Cozumel, Mexico, and drank in the beauty of God's creation. We couldn't have had more fun!

And lastly I want to update you on our progress with adoption. We haven't made any major moves yet; however, we are on the verge of making a decision on an agency. Over the past month we feel like the Lord might be leading us to adopt from the Philippines. My brother Hunter's sweet fiance is half Filipino and has family in the Philippines she stays in touch with. We are thinking that this could be a great connection for an adopted child that hopefully will join our family. We are really excited and hope to take some bigger strides in that direction soon. We will keep you posted!-- Don't forget to check out our pictures from March and our cruise.

love to you all!