Friday, April 27, 2012

MRI on Monday

Well, I have fallen behind on posting... however, I do want to let everyone know that Caleb is having another MRI this coming Monday, April 30th at 9:30. We will be going back for results on Wednesday May 2nd and will keep you posted. This last month Caleb has seen the eye specialist and the Endocrinologist (hormone specialist) as well. I hate that we didn't post, but we have been very very pleased with the results of both! His eye sight is perfect, and the Endocrinologist couldn't be more pleased with the lab results and his clinical analysis of Caleb; we are thrilled!
 A year ago at this time the doctors were discovering that his tumor was affecting his hormones which almost led them to respond with treatment. However, since he has displayed no signs clinically of the hormone changes over the course of this year, they have chosen to wait and watch closely instead. We are so very thankful the Lord has protected him this year and thank you for being apart of this with us through prayer. We are seeing him answer all of our prayers and are truly humbled.

This picture is from January when the kids got excited about a few snow flurries...they were so disappointed that we didn't have a good snow this year - but I wasn't! ;)