Thursday, May 26, 2011

Adoption Yard Sale!

Hey everyone we just wanted to get the word out that we are having a last-minute yard sale at our house this weekend to raise money for our adoption of a baby girl from the Philippines! Many of you know, however some may not, that 3 years ago God laid it on our hearts to start the process of adoption. We decided on a country, chose two agencies and got accepted, and then felt the Lord lead us to having another child of our own. Our hearts have not stopped beating for the baby girl He has for us even as we have waited the past several years- we know His timing is perfect and have been trying to rest in that...
With the news of Caleb's tumor enhancement three months ago, we felt it wise to wait a bit longer. Even with thegood news we received last week, we still feel the need to hold off a bit longer as wewait for several other test results to come back here in the next month or so.
With all thatsaid…we decided at the last minute that while waiting we could still have ayard sale (we've been saving for years)! So, we are having a sale this Saturday, May 28th!We wanted you to know for several reasons…we would love your prayers thatpeople would come out and buy; and prayers for strength- we areexhausted from just a crazy month- I told Austin last night, ”I’m feeling astired as a mom with a newborn baby!”
Also, if youhave items you would like to donate, we would love to have them! I know it’s last minute so no worries ifyou don’t have anything…but if you do, swing it by our house tomorrow day or night. We will take it!! And, lastly, we would love forany of you who can to drop by on Saturday to buy some lemonade from Caleb!!!!He is so excited to help raise money for the adoption! And, if you have anyyard-sale tips, would like to help out, or might like to entertain Annelise,we’d love to have you!!!!

For more info click this link

Thanks for your support!

On Mother's Day Annelise and Daddy painted a hand-print canvas to hang next to Caleb's in the kitchen. She had fun, and I will treasure it!

I think this picture is hilarious! Caleb received his medal for soccer last week- the team put their hands together and said, "Go Quick Silver" - their team name- Caleb no doubt will be in the pep club one day!! Ha!!

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hello Friends

Yesterday (Wednesday) was Caleb's MRI appointment. In our last visit (three months ago) the doctors saw slight "enhancement" in his tumor. It was not known if this enhancement was a possible sign that the tumor was going to grow or not, but they opted to bring him back after a short period to have another look.

We are so very happy to tell you that the tumor has not grown and there appears to be no further enhancement that can be seen in the scans! We are so very grateful that the news was good in that regard. Caleb was a trooper and was so brave throughout the entire day. We were able to see the Neurosurgeon on the same day - so this was another very real blessing.

Our next steps are that this Tuesday we will visit with Endocrinology where they will conduct a two hour test on Caleb to check for proper function of his pituitary gland. Please pray this day goes well because he will have to be laying down for two hours during this test and they will need to take blood several times from him. We would love prayers for peace - for us and him.

Thank you all for your love and care. There is much to be thankful for!

Monday, May 16, 2011


This Spring has been full of some wonderful family times! Before I share some of the highlights, we wanted to let everyone know that Caleb has another MRI this Wednesday, the 18th. We would love prayers that it will not only go smoothly but that the results will be better than 3 months ago. Our last scan showed some signs of potential change, and of course that has given us a scare. Because of the proximity to the pituitary gland we have appointments to see Endocrinology and Genetics experts this month in hopes we can keep a closer eye on hormone levels. We are prayerful for good news with each of these visits. Our first is Wednesday the 18th - we would love your prayers for peace in all of our hearts and good news for our son.

Caleb turned 5 in March!! We can't believe it! He had his first ever birthday slumber party with his best friends- a Buzz Lightyear party!

We made up a cool obstacle course for the kids that had them climbing a "mountain," navigating through the balloon pit, dodging Surg's fire balls, narrowly missing the lava pit, and soaring through the air with Buzz's wings! And we of course had to have some cool music to play while performing-Indiana Jones theme song!! It was a blast! The kids enjoyed eating popcorn and watching Toy Story 3 at the end of the night too. It was a memorable birthday for Caleb- he loved every minute!

Here's Caleb's Buzz costume- with Emily as Woody! Aren't they so cute holding hands! To see more pics of the kids click here.
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We had lots of family celebrations as well for Caleb's birthday- so glad for family! On Caleb's actual birthday Austin took the day off, and we went to the Nashville Zoo! It was fun to spend the day together seeing all of the amazing animals. That night we had over Papa and Meredith, Weatherly, Uncle Chase and Krystle. We enjoyed some yummy chili and Blueberry Dump Cake!

In March we also enjoyed a visit from my dear friend Meghan!! -all the way from London! yea! It was a lovely time of catching up, eating dinner, and reminiscing of old times- (we danced together for years). We love you, Meghan!

Also in March we signed Caleb up for Spring Soccer! His first sport! And Daddy was one of the coaches! We didn't know how he'd really like it, but it turned out to be so much fun for all of us- he played with 4 of his dearest friends and looked forward to every practice and game. We were so proud of him for hustling out there, keeping up with the ball, and doing his best every time- He also scored a goal one time- we were so proud! We also enjoyed going out to dinner after practice every Friday night with our friends- the season will be a memorable one for all of us.

Here they are praying before the game. It was neat to play for the YMCA- they encouraged the coaches to pray with their kids and talk about God- even in soccer!
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KG came to several games and got to see Caleb score!! She enjoyed remembering all the soccer games she attended for Austin.- it was sweet to listen to her reminisce about her baby playing- and for me too- I watched Austin play high school soccer!

Doing jumping jacks before the game...not sure what Caleb is yelling about!! ;)

Go Caleb!!

Annelise was too cute out there on the sidelines! She enjoyed herself as well!
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Annelise and Mommy sitting on the sidelines!

One of the favorite parts of the game for all the kids was the snack afterward- of course! Austin made sure we brought orange slices for the team- that was something he remembered the moms always bringing to his soccer games.

Annelise loved having her own camping chair to relax in at the games. I thought she looked so cute in it! ;) To see more soccer pics click here.

In April we celebrated Annelise's dedication at church. It was really a dedication of us as parents-dedicating ourselves to raising Annelise to know Christ. It was a special day! The dress she is wearing here was my dress when I was her age- Mom made it for me! It is very special, and I'm so glad Mom saved it for her. Your work is beautiful and timeless, Mom- thank you!
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Caleb looks thrilled here. ;)

Family came up for her dedication and joined us for worship at church and then some yummy lunch! Thank you family for your continual support of us as we raise Caleb and Annelise to know Christ. We love you!

In April we enjoyed our 4th year at Merri Acres Farm with our dearest friends. There were 12 adults and 14 kids!! Wow, what a bunch! The farm trip is a highlight of our year- we had an absolute blast! The Lord blessed us with perfect weather despite the forecast- we enjoyed fishing, riding bikes, trips in the truck through the fields, homemade ice cream, rocking on the front porch with a cup of coffee, splashing in the cold creek water, eating smores around the campfire and singing songs, feasting on hamburgers, homemade salsa and guacamole, laughing at something silly the kids were doing just about every second, and making memories that will last a lifetime! Thank you Staggs Family for keeping the farm for us to enjoy, and thank friends for coming with us- you mean the world to us!- and to the Moores- we truly missed you this year and hope you can join us again next year. We love you.

We had to have a goofy picture of all of us because we truly are a goofy bunch!
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Here are all the kidos- the love of our lives- what gifts they are from the Lord!

Here we are eating homemade ice cream while swinging on the porch.

At night after the kids went to bed, the adults sat around a campfire. One night we all shared funny stories that had happened to us- we all laughed so hard we cried over and over again- it was good for the soul! The next night we all shared things that were/are going on in our lives and prayed for each couple- it was a real time of opening up our hearts, loving and supporting each other, and being the body of Christ. What a special time.

For Caleb's birthday this year he got a real riffle from Grandaddy and Mimi! He got a chance to shoot it for the 1st time at the farm- he loved it!
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Annelise and Caleb loved the creek despite the cold water!

Going for a ride in the pick-up truck!
To see more farm pics click here.

Easter was a lovely time in April- we were able to celebrate twice- once at Ma's and once with KG at our house.

Doesn't Daddy look nice in his bow tie!! ;)
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Here we are at Ma's with my cousins and Aunt and Uncle. Leslie is showing a bit more! We can't wait to meet Baby Grayson in July! (or maybe June-who knows!)

My cousin Allison just had her 1st, Alexandria, in January. She is such a doll- we are thrilled for her and Andrew. Allison and I shared so many precious memories together growing up. She was a sweet gift - especially not having a sister around.

Look at the eggs I got, Daddy!

Our beautiful baby girl- who is almost 2!! How is that possible!! She is talking more and more- and she is beginning to fall in love with books- yes! I've worked so hard!! She pulls dozens into her bed after her nap- I can see her on the monitor reading! It's precious!
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Here we are Easter Sunday celebrating with KG, Chase, and Krystle. It was a beautiful day!

Caleb loves to wrestle with anyone who will get on the floor- Chase got tackled the second he said "Sure!"

This picture makes me laugh- Annelise looks like she just got a big diamond ring- Ha! (so does KG!) I love that about children- they get so excited about the smallest of things- a lesson for me!

I love this picture- those baby cheeks, baby lips, and baby fingers wrapped around the tree I gave to Austin on his 1st Father's Day-a tree to remind us of the gift of our children.
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Last but not least, this Spring Caleb asked Jesus to come into his heart! We are thrilled. I could tell he had been thinking about it for at least a week or so- asking questions and wanting to talk about it more. - specifically about a book called Adam Raccoon and the King's Big Dinner (a parable book for kids). He asked about the big dinner God was going to have for believers and wondered if he'd be there. I told him all those who ask Jesus to forgive them of their sins and surrender their hearts to him would be there, adopted into God's forever family. He said, "I want to be there, Mom, right between you and Dad!" Then on April the 26th- a day that I had set aside for rest for us- playing in the floor with Annelise and me he brought it up again- asking to talk about the promise God made to Abraham. He said, "I want to be in God's family and to be apart of the promise God gave Abraham." Then with the biggest grin he ran back to his room, and got on his knees by his bed-I followed him. He said he wanted to ask Jesus to come into his heart. We talked about what that really meant, and he prayed the sweetest prayer I will never forget- it was music to my ears! He then told me he wanted to be baptized. So, we are going to baptize him in the Stones River next month!
- I know that he is young, but I also know that he gets it- he didn't just want to be like someone older than himself- he truly wanted to be apart of God's family and he knew that it was a choice only he could make. The gospel is amazing because it is truly simple enough for a child to understand yet profound enough to make us continue to "work out our salvation" and "grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior" for a lifetime. And I'm convinced that on that day Caleb knew he was a sinner and that he needed a Savior- and he knew the only true Savior is Jesus Christ. I believe the angels were singing that day as they wrote his name in the book of life. And what a blessing for me to witness my son be transferred from the dominion of darkness as Colossians 1:13 tells us and into the kingdom of the Son he loves!!! "Praise the Lord oh my soul, all my inmost being praise his Holy Name...who forgives all your sins...who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion...for as high as the heavens are above the earth so great is his love for those who fear him; as far as the East is from the West, so far has he removed our transgressions from us... Psalm 103.
May the wonder of the most amazing gift we could ever receive continue to capture our hearts, make us humble, and cause us to follow after Him!
We will keep you updated on Caleb's health.
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