Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Henderson Update

Nicole and I just returned from vacation on Amelia Island in Florida. We had such a great time and really enjoyed some time with our dear friends (the Morrows) who just moved back to town. It was wonderful to take a break from our daily tasks and relax away from it all. Our parents watched Caleb for us and he too had a great break from the norm. I put a few pictures up here of the vacation and some of Caleb.

Caleb is doing great. He is learning all sorts of new things and seems to amaze us somehow every day. We are so blessed by him and he brings joy to us in so many ways. He latest interest is cooking (pretend of course) ... there are a few photos in the gallery of him doing this task. It is quite the treat to see him stirring a big pot of something and then walk over to give you a taste!

As some of you may already know today we went to see Caleb's Ophthalmologist for his routine visit. Dr. Donahue took a good look at Caleb and his final word is that there is "no change." In the process of reviewing him though he thought that he may have seen an issue that was very subtle which he said would indicate one eye being weaker than the other. His concern over this issue is that if he did in fact see this that it could be caused by growth of the tumor.

Thankfully, being the thorough doctor that he is, he had a second doctor come in and take a look at him. The second doctor did not have the same conclusion, and when Dr. Donahue came back in for a second review he could not confirm the findings either.

Dr. Donahue said that his final summary would be that Caleb's vision is intact and there is no change. He also gave him a good review for the "spots" that could indicate Neurofibromatosis, he was not able to locate any at this time but also stated that it may be years before those appeared.

Honestly this visit was harder than previous visits because there is more uncertainty about what is going on. We talked more with Dr. Donahue about what a diagnosis of Neurofibromatosis would mean and in some ways it might actually be a good thing (if it is a mild case) because there are some "knowns" about the disorder.

We are still pleading for your prayers for Caleb's healing. We believe that God certainly has the power to remove this tumor from him if He so desires. We would love it if you would join us in praying to this end. We would also like for you to pray for our spirits. We do not want to dwell on that which we cannot change, and we want to trust that God is at work and He does have a plan in this.

Thank you all so very much for your calls and emails. We love hearing from you.

Austin & Nicole