Friday, December 04, 2009

Last Friday I lost a dear, life-long friend of mine, Misty Ezell George. We grew up together and were only a month apart in age- our parents were and are the best of friends. We spent countless hours at each others' homes. We went to church together, school together, camp together, played ball together, vacationed together (that is we shared a tent together for 8 years when our families went canoeing every summer), and college together. She is a significant piece of my life-story, and I am changed for knowing her.
Misty had a laugh and smile that was contagious. She sang wherever she went. I can still hear her singing in the dorm the Dixie Chicks from the top of her lungs! She was full of energy and fun- everyone enjoyed being with Misty. She was always up for an adventure, which is something I admired in her- I was always a little more afraid or timid. She was the one to drag me into the cold cold river water when we canoed so that we could float down the rapids and sing "Comet it makes your teeth turn green..." When we shared a canoe she always wanted to hit all the rapids too!
She was a kid magnet, humble at heart, and full of life and love. She loved God, her Jeremy, her three precious children, her family, and others so well. I will cherish all of our memories together.

This is a picture of the last time I saw Misty- just a few weeks ago at my home church's Trunk-or Treat. She held up Annelise and doted all over her. She gave me a big hug- one that I won't forget.
The pictures to come are some that I found on my computer- some of us over the last 10 years. At some point I'll go through my memory bins in the attic and pull out some old pics of us as kids. I'll scan and post them then.

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